Tuesday, 15 March 2016

The Trump phenomena!

I am having a quiet week....so far.
This means I've had time to watch the news both on the TV and on the iPad. It's all very depressing.
I am constantly astounded at the electioneering in America!
Big and brash seems to appeal to the electorate but big, brash and rude?
Some of the utterances seem guaranteed to turn people off rather than get votes but the really heart rending thought is that if it turns into a contest between Hilary and Donald I wouldn't actually want either of them to win.
So it's just as well that it's non of my business who governs the USA!
However since our screens are full of the forthcoming election it's not something I can ignore.
It can not be news that Trump is brash!
Years ago on one of our first cruises David and I stayed a few days in New York and from our hotel near Times Square we could walk along to Fifth Avenue and explore the shops and buildings in easy access.
Here we found Trump towers.
Naturally the retired builder, David was fascinated so in we went!
The entire interior was built from bright orange marble! David examined it, pronounced it kosher and said it had cost a fortune!
We spent an hour walking around, had a couple of gins and walked back out onto Fifth Avenue with some relief at shedding the orange glow!
Now having seen the TV shots of Mr Trump haranguing an audience I have to admit there is consistency there...he really does seem to be who he says he is which is not something you can say for many politicians from either side of the pond.
I await events with considerable interest....it's going to be a long summer!

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