Sunday, 27 March 2016

TV at its best!

It's been a while since I enjoyed something on the TV as much as I enjoyed "The night manager."
Last nights final episode   was simply amazing as all the loose ends were gently knitted together to make a very smart garment!
So many ironies played out as the scenes took place in the hotel where we were first introduced to the hero.
The unlikely heroine looking as if she was just about to give birth gave the story an edge that surprised as it delighted.
John LeCarrie has always been a star for me ever since I struggled to follow the first episodes of his Smiley novels, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. It got us all talking way back in the eighties as people admitted with slight annoyance that they had no idea what it was all about!
Reading his biography recently I was not surprised to find that he really had learned his trade craft as a young man engaged in Cold War spying. His novels are a picture of a time not completely gone as Russia versus the Western world made for some amazing moments in literature as well as in life.
The author not only writes well, he writes from inside knowledge.
The BBC should be applauded I think...this was a first class production of an amazing novel!
I expect it will be on again fairly soon following its spectacular success...I could certainly watch it fill in some small gaps...
It's not often I rave about something on the TV.....this is an exception!
Congratulations to everyone concerned!

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