Saturday, 23 April 2016

Getting busy!

On this most glorious of days my phone has been ringing almost non stop! Old friends and some new ones have been ringing to confirm long promised visitations!
My diary has had a thorough work out this morning....
There is an old saying in these parts that you never know how many friends you have until you come to live in Cornwall!
We have had such dire weather lately that some planned visits have been put off or even cancelled but short of them all turning up at the same time, it seems unlikely that I can accommodate them all without some very interesting sleeping arrangements.
My diary has also got busy in other directions.
Our wonderful curate has now got her own parish and moves out in May. The new curate isn't even deaconed till July . The parish priest of a nearby small village is retiring at much the same time so it's all hands to the plough! We have been talking through some fairly weird arrangements for midweek communions as well as covering the normal Sunday ones!
What with visitors, home communions and covering for all and sundry my diary has become much more important than of late. The next cruise is booked for June which is when my colleague here is also's only now that this has become a problem.....
A hectic period seems to be approaching....I can deal with it....just!
With help of God I can!

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