Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Green solutions?

People who read this blog regularly may remember my various struggles with my central heating.
It started after a so called green solution was installed at great cost the year before my husband got ill. It did not work at all. The house was cold right through his last months when it was essential to keep him warm.
The company who installed it apparently went out of business....I failed to contact them over several months.
During the last two years I have had real problems in keeping the house warm so that when earnest young men on the telephone tell me about government subsidies for new green schemes for the elderly the information falls on deaf ears. I am not investing any more of my time or money in any of the new things on offer.
Here at home we finally got one solution to the problem during a period when I was away. The plumber spent a lot of time trying to get it all working.
He only partially succeeded!
Most of the house has been warm but two radiators have stayed stubbornly cold. The one in  the hall and the one in my dining room have been off all through the winter.
I stopped having to bleed all the radiators in the house every morning . Most of them were giving me sufficient heat to live with....
Last week I bumped into the plumber by accident and asked him for the bill for all the work he'd done...
Yesterday it arrived and so did the heat! It was a cold day outside....I came into the house muttering about this so called Spring and stopped.
There was heat in the hall. The radiator was hot! The one in the dining room was also hot for the first time in four years!
I have no idea why. It is another small mystery...but it's one I'm very grateful for.......I just hope that when finally I switch it all off for the summer that it comes on again next year!
In the meanwhile I am hearing very earnest young people n the phone proposing all sorts of new green solutions. It is all falling on deaf ears...I am not risking any more new government initiatives. The solar panels are a success....I don't need anything else!

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  1. Our heating system is well over 30 years old, and still works efficiently, as the boiler, is solidly built and seldom goes wrong. Over the years, we've replaced every radiator, but the boiler soldiers on.

    We've resisted the blandishments to put in one of those modern boilers, which are energy efficient, but only last for a maximum of 8 years - stick with what works we say.

    As the boiler provides hot water all year around, we know that it's working. We'd love to put up solar panels, but our Victorian terraced, workmans cottage was put into a conservation area about 20 years ago, so changes to our roof line in any way are regularly rejected by the planners. The fact that we got a porch was down to us putting it up, 5 years before the conservation area was applied - all subsequent requests be neighbors to erect porches have been rejected even on appeals to the Secretary of State, but have caused us problems as we're cited as a precedent, and the council always say that they have no records of our permissions, so we have to dig the paperwork of of the archives each time.