Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Internet classes!

Trying to proclaim to someone who has never been on the Internet and has never wanted to be, that there are advantages to gain from at least trying it out is often hard work.
I remember computer classes in Portscatho when several old lady's turned up with their lap tops to be taught the ropes.
For most of them it didn't stick but for one dear friend getting progressively more deaf it did work!
Now able to lip read as well she manages her life and appointments by email every day....she would be lost without it.
I am currently trying to persuade a newer friend that it's worth persevering with a new concept.
He has seen me doing an entire grocery shop on line and watched it being delivered the following day!
This more than any other argument is swaying him into it.
He has a computer but I have lent him an old iPad. The very first one!
I have cleared off all my stuff but left him with games.....solitaire is proving of interest!
His son has set up his router....he has an email address....he is ready to go.
But getting enough confidence to actually proceed is taking its toll!
He has read of scams to fool the unwary and is naturally certain that sharks are basking everywhere ready to attack!
I think he'll get there eventually. But it is such a useful tool for the old and infirm as well as the deaf that it can only improve the quality of life sometimes failing as we age.
I never thought to be an Internet evangelist....but that's what I seem to be turning into!
Hey ho! So be it!

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