Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Birds up date

The shrikes in my garden are still bashing into my windows and glass front door but they are much less aggressive. I have seen the female today for the first time and it's because the eggs have hatched. A pale green black spotted shell appeared under the fir tree so I am guessing it's all hands to the plough! The male seems to be helping when he's not bashing my glass!
I tried to get a photo when I saw him sitting on my door handle but he was off fast!
A further chapter of this story appeared when a lady called Dianne replied to an email I sent to the RSPB asking for advice! She told me to get in touch with my local bird group as she lived in South Africa and had no knowledge of this bird!
It just gets weirder! But if any local bird group finds this blog I would like some feedback! They are much less aggressive today..... I assume because there are now babies to feed...they haven't got as much time on their hands!
Since writing the above yesterday it has all gone very quiet. An occasional lunge at my glass door always finds me going to answer it but they are much less aggressive. I can only hope this applies to all the smaller birds who live here all the year! I am keeping my eyes open for the tits and the wrens...I do not want to see them impaled in the shrikes larder!
The sun is shining. The temperature up several degrees since the beginning of the week..good baby rearing weather in other words!
With any luck the worst drama is over now...  But any local bird fanciers are welcome to come and join the fun!
After another morning of having my windows bashed I went to sit outside.  There high above me was one of the birds.....I'm not sure I have the identifation right so I'm trying to post this pic of a very distant bird! But not succeeding arghhhhh!

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Jean Rolt said...

The baby birds are in the air! Several smaller versions of the adult birds are now perched on branches as well as on the power lines...it didn't take long to get them flying! But they are still banging on my windows!

Jean Rolt said...

Ok. Time to recant! Having seen so many of them about I went back to the bird book and the RSPB.....I think they may actually be chaffinches! A much more common species...I have found one book which describes them attacking their own reflections in Windows. ...so I'm pretty sure that this time I have right! Chaffinches!