Friday, 13 May 2016

Hands off the Beeb!

I wonder why the government are so keen to reorganise the BBC. Being cynical and now getting used to their ways I have to conclude that there will be money to be made for someone somewhere and that they feel threatened by the political out put.
The BBC is seen as a left wing organisation by some people because their independence doesn't always suit those who govern.
I watched the speeches at the BAFTA awards and wanted to clap those who stood up for the freedom of creativity and the excellence of the programming.
I owe a great deal to the BBC. Growing up in a home with few books and no music I was as a young girl fed intellectually by first the children's hour and then the glorious music to be found on what was then the third program.
Realising in my teens that my Lancashire accent was a bit of a draw back in some circles I set too and learned to speak BBC English. I still do!
Music, drama, information on all subjects were freely available by listening to the radio.
When other broadcasters joined in with pop music and off shoots of regional broadcasting also contributed it was all good...a life affirming part of my life which taught me as well as entertaining me.
I feel much the same about the Beeb as I do about the NHS. Neither of them is perfect but they are an essential part of British life that most of us are very grateful for.
The sort of changes this government are suggesting would change all that forever so is it not time for the other parties to get their acts together. If the Scots Nats, the odd Liberal, and the one Green MP learned to work together with the Labour Party they could defeat any attempts at reforming the BBC.
Time to learn cooperation I think....and hope!

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