Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Ironing in posh frocks!

Wearing posh clothes around the house is always going to be a bit of a problem. Once you have paid for a very expensive item you are naturally reluctant to chuck it out!
I had a friend who I once called on unexpectedly who was wearing what could only be described as "a little cocktail number" for mopping her kitchen floor.
The incongruity of this was extreme and I roared with laughter.
Not put out in the slightest she explained that she always got her money's worth out of dressy wear by wearing them around the house.
I was much amused and used to ring her up to ask her what she was wearing at times of extreme boredom!
When I moved from Essex to Cornwall I flung out all the dressy stuff I had worn for posh bank occasions.....they were clearly not needed here.
That remained true until I started cruising.
My wardrobe is now stuffed with long frocks, sequinned jackets, glittery tops...and I am not going to be hoovering in them any time soon!
But the other posh stuff is now getting an airing.
Things like pale pink cashmere sweaters, silk tops, leather jackets are all being downgraded!
I shall not be dancing around my house in a ball gown any time soon but I am sorting through "posh" stuff and wearing some of it regularly.
Today for instance it is a pale blue polo top with an old cashmere striped V neck!
It looks and feels odd but neither of them could be classed as "best" so I'm wearing them to do my housework ......with a feeling of slight naughtiness which makes me giggle.
Now I've decided to either throw out or wear my old posh stuff there could be some very unlikely outfits over the next week or two!
It's my contribution to the gaiety of the world! Hey ho!

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  1. As a child it was best clothes for Sunday, then these were worn the following year for Saturday, then garments became everyday clothes. It took a long time, and in a way still seems 'wrong' to wear brand new clothes for every day.

    You expressed the clothes conumdrum so much better than I tried in my recent blog.