Sunday, 8 May 2016

Off visiting.

I am away for a few days this week. This is not an unusual statement I know but there is a difference. I am going to see someone I met on a cruise.
Alarm bells ringing everywhere can stop now. It will be fine!
On a ship you talk to people. I talk to people wherever I go anyway...but on a ship you are a long way from home and you build up some extremely unlikely relationships.
The person I got to know best lives quite close to me in Devon.
We started to enjoy the odd drink together in the evening and had absolutely nothing in common...but we have now done two cruises and have the next one booked..
We are not sharing a doesn't matter what sex my friend is ,living in close proximity with another person is I think doomed from the start unless you know each other very well!
I am fairly untidy. What my husband coped with well might not be appreciated by another!
It's not a risk I'm prepared to take even though booking a double cabin means we both pay double . That is better than finding out that you are irritating someone badly!
Before embarking on the next cruise then I am happy to spend a few days just over the border in Devon. I've been before...and he's been here....yes it is a bloke...but we are both extremely ancient and it's lovely to have a travelling companion.
Nothing much can or should be expected from's a meeting of minds not bodies!
I'll decide wether I'm ready to publish this tomorrow...I don't wish to shock!

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