Monday, 23 May 2016

The Amazing Beeb!

On Saturday night I watched the truly wonderful production of The Hollow Crown.
I had missed the first two  about the various Kings but this last one caught me by surprise. It was truly magnificent. The acting by all the cast was wonderful but especially compelling was the portrayal of Richard  by Benedict Cumberbatch.
I stayed up later than I intended and yesterday went looking for the I player on my iPad to find the first two plays in the series.
I watched the first Henry yesterday and intend to watch the next one this week!
Staggering was the word I used to describe it yesterday .
Shakespeare wrote compelling words, relevant hundreds of years later....but the BBC staged this magnificent production and made it real in every sense,
Breaking bones and heads , mud and gore were there . The realities of war , horses mown down, men fighting to the death , women conspiring plus the murder of the two princes in the tower, were all shown as something that actually happened, real events  not a staged version of them.
I shudder to think how much it all cost but my word this was the Beeb at its absolute best.
I applaud the production, the actors, and the writer who we have to believe was William Shakespeare dead these many years but brought to life to amaze us hundreds of years later!
Whilst the BBC can produce wonderful plays like this surely no one could want to hamper their amazing creativity. This series will I am sure be seen right round the world. It was a brilliant advertisement for all things British .
So I say again. Hands off the BBC! Please!

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  1. ......and, for your further entertainment......How about BBC2's "Crowe"...Wonderful.

  2. I've never heard of that one! I really must start getting the Radio Times!