Thursday, 5 May 2016

To vote or not to vote?

The only election being held here today is for a Police Commissioner. I have one small leaflet giving me a little information but that apart I have no idea about any of the people involved or if they belong to any political party.
I could I know do my own research to find out more but sadly the will to do so is lacking.
I vowed many years ago to always use my vote but this is one occasion when I may not exercise my democratic duty!
Going to vote for people of whom I have no knowledge is a nonsense!
I have no idea if party politics play any part in this election. The only leaflet I've received is from the Green Party....but the other parties have been strangely silent.
I have a suspicion that I may have said all this last time we were called to do this because I felt just the same way then too!
I got roundly told off last time for expressing these views but I am still finding it hard to believe that this is democracy in action.
We have no way of knowing which of the people asking for our vote is capable of being a police commissioner.
So as this is the only election being held today here I may just not go. And this would make me very sad. Women died to ensure that we were able to vote and here am I contemplating wimping out!
More information would have made a difference but as it stands I think I'm opting out!
I have better things to do on Ascension Day!

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