Wednesday, 8 June 2016

A quiet day!

Today I am due to "do" the Hermitage. I am I think not going...exhaustion has set in. Yesterday my ankles swelled up radically and I got very tired. Today it's raining, my ankles are their normal size and I just don't want to go. Everyone says it's wonderful followed by the fact that there are no places to sit and rest anywhere along the route so I have made the decision. I'll get the book instead!
The people on my table are all off to see the wonders of St Petersburg and I shall wave them off gladly.
The passport controls are very strict here and every time we disembark we have to stand in line again to get through.
Yesterday I got through with only a small amount of standing waiting but some were not so lucky...
If I don't go I shall feel like a wimp. If I do go my ankles will swell and I shall be exhausted...but dam it I am getting seriously old now...a day of putting my feet up will be wonderful...ahem!

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