Thursday, 23 June 2016

All change!

I am stunned.
I suppose I shouldn't be but I actually never believed that we would vote to come out of the European Union.
I feel very sorry for David Cameron..this is in itself weird....but I do. I hope he doesn't resign because his replacement might be a good deal worse!
It occurs to me that it's a natural thing for people who are unhappy with their lives to vote for change. I just hope that whatever this change might mean that people's lives don't change for the worse.
The vote was very close...but it's the nature of democracy that we accept change as it happens if that change is what most of us want.
I am unsure what to expect now, I just hope that those politicians who shouted loudest in the last few months..are not those who benefit most...
Suddenly our world has changed.
It remains to be seen what this means for us all....
I just pray that the poor, the old and the infirm are looked after in the shake up which is now inevitable...
Lord, hear my prayer...

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