Saturday, 25 June 2016

Breaking up is hard!

To watch the aftermath of Brexit is causing pain for everyone I think! To see the in fighting in both of the major parties after causing ripples throughout the world by our astonishing electoral decision last week must be devastating for everyone involved.
Now we understand why it took Cameron so long to allow the referendum, goaded by the people who would gain from it no matter how the decision went!
I feel sorry for Cameron and this morning for Jeremy Corbin!
To be made scapegoats at this stage of utter bewilderment must be very hard.
We are all in the stage of wondering what next?
The fabric of our daily lives feels threatened somehow and in all of this we may well lose Scotland whose need to stay in the EU is entirely valid .
Well done all you may just be presiding over the breakup of the United Kingdom , not strengthening it!
For Jeremy Corbin to sack Hilary Ben is another big mistake I looks petty even if it's not...
I respect Cameron's desire to step down completely but the in fighting by those whose personal ambition caused this mess in the first place is going to do no one any good.
Time to reflect, to learn to live with the new arrangements is called for now I a period of quiet we need a settling down period to watch the sport on the TV and take stock of what might happen next.
Those hungry for power, those whose motives may be dubious, those who seek to gain personal advantage from what feels like a sinking ship right now should try very hard to keep quiet.
I may have to throw something at the TV if I see one more picture of a triumphant leader of UKIP!
We are doomed to live in interesting times...but now it's time for reflection and prayer...

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