Saturday, 25 June 2016

Damp June!

And now for something completely different!
I have a wedding today!
The sun is out but the forecast is for showers...some heavy!
Over the years most of the weddings have been on sunny days but inevitably the odd day has been partially spoiled by rain!
We keep big umbrellas in church for inclement weather...the brides arrival In the porch  has only been damp occasionally!
My mind inevitably goes back to other June days...but the one which stays in my head forever is the one where my phone started ringing at seven in the morning!
The marquee had blown away during the night.
Torrential rain was hammering down and the bride who now describes her experience as the disaster which was her wedding day was in tears!
With the help of the local hotel all was well in the end and the photographs were taken in church.
Hopefully today's wedding will be dry...but breaking out the umbrellas just in case will be my first job!
I have warned the ushers that it is a real job...they are there to help both before and after,  hopefully not just as umbrella holders!
In the past I've conducted hundreds of ceremonies...they are all different, all is a great privilege to be able to join two people together in love and joy...
But the weather does matter.....
So my prayers this morning include a plea that the bride gets to the church looking beautiful and dry!

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