Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Displacement activity!

Oh Lord...who on earth could possibly have forecast the aftermath of the Brexit vote!
Like the rest of the country I am watching the current events with amazement....
None of it is good and just as we needed some sort relief from all of this I switched on the TV last night and it's all sport!
Football! I could have sworn it was June....
Trying to find some certainty in this quagmire I may yet turn to watching tennis...it's an old love neglected over the last years...but this could be the year to resurrect it!
I have not yet sunk so low that I will  turn to watching Big Brother on the TV but it could happen!
A new baby in the family brings some joy...but I can only feel sorry for the little mite! I hope she finds a settled world soon!
I am trying not to think of the financial consequences of the bank shares debacle.
In fact there are many things I am avoiding thinking about just now...party politics being foremost in this list!
So I will spend some happy times in the garden, watching the baby apples swell and the cherries ripen...
Dead heading the roses will be cathartic....snip!
At the end of the day there is still The West Wing!

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  1. I was surprised to hear today that a majority in Cornwall voted for leave? My own London Borough went against most of London and voted 63% to leave.

    Were thinking about this, while we ponder if that it representative of those in our Parish- whatever the percentage, our Vicar preached last Sunday about reconciliation and unity and compassion and Jesus' good sheperd leadership - following him and caring for the hurt, weak and vulnerable - and we have many migrants from all background in our community.

    I'm trying not to be dominated by politics, but the news if full of it, you can only switch off for so long. :(