Friday, 10 June 2016

Keeping time

We failed to leave St Petersburg on time...staying firmly anchored to our dock whilst the storm did its worst!
As a result we shall not reach our next port until the day after we should have done!
There are still two ports left to visit but we can only do one of them if we are to arrive back in Southampton on time! Even then we shall be hours late. So everyone is busy emailing and telephoning home. Instead of getting into port in the early morning it will be eleven before we get off!
Chaos reigned for a little while but it seems to have settled down now!
This morning we had the joy of a Russian market.
Lots of Amber , brightly decorated pottery, metal boxes with delicate pictures on them were there but I bought a Russian Orthodox icon. It is very beautiful and I couldn't resist it!
We have met friends from previous cruises And made several more...but there is something on this ship that I am having an allergic reaction to!
My eczema is bad and with bright patches on my face and legs it is very annoying!
I am having a quiet day today hopefully...And then out again tomorrow!

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