Monday, 13 June 2016

Last day...hopefully.

I need the world to know that if we disappear shortly we did not intend to!
Today we seem to be in some sort of limbo! Since leaving Russia nothing on this ship has been normal.
Usually by this time we have been issued with luggage tags,instructions on our arrival in Southhampton and when our cases should be placed out side our door!
We have checked with the purser. The reason why nothing has been advised is because no one knows!
A bright and breezy message from our captain failed to address this problem, she just thanked us for our continued support and kind words!
We have talked to many people all over the ship! No one knows what's going on!
Queen Elizabeth is going south! We are told that the Port authorities have given no information as to our docking!
No one in fact seems to know what the hell is going on, beyond a terse little sentence from the people organising our internet connection to the effect that our time on line ends at midnight tonight! So I'm posting this now!
I hope this is not my last post ever.....but right now nothing is certain...not even that!
Since writing that I have checked our corridor for our luggage tags.
It's gone five pm...lets just hope the food and booze don't run out!

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  1. Don't worry Jean. You're nowhere near the Bermuda Triangle.

  2. Oh dear - hope that you're home now?