Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Remembering Henley!

At this time of the year David and I always went to Henley! All my Timehop entries are of us both drinking Pimms with old friends on the banks of the Thames...
David's team , a winning team, met every year. We stayed in a lovely hotel in Sonning and I have lots of pics of us sitting in sunshine remembering old times!
My first Henley was a major culture shock..I had no way of knowing what the dress code consisted of..and a few quick trips to the shops were necessary.
My wardrobe now still contains clothes I could never wear locally along with my hats! One day I'll throw them out ......but not yet!
Sadly the last member of Davids crew died last year...I will drink a toast to them all on Saturday.
Petertide coincides with the last day of Henley and my church warden explained that he had to miss my ordination because he had to be in Henley...
The fact that he in fact missed the last day in order to come to be there at my priesting was the first indication that he was getting fond of of me!
Golden direct contrast to today's news!
It's pouring outside....chaos reigns all over the world and we in this country made our own contribution by voting to leave the EU!
I shall remember those happy days picnicking at Henley with great nostalgia this seems an eternity away!

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