Monday, 4 July 2016

Begging letters.

During this baffling period of attack and counter attack following the Brexit vote one thing is beginning to happen much too often....
The various groups who send me mail, usually after I've signed a petition for something or other are all now asking for money.
I am exhorted to chip in!
This phrase is repeated by several different groups ranging from political parties to environmental groups...and people trying to get victims out of prison or the other difficulties they find themselves in. All totally admirable groups but......
If I just chipped in to all those who are demanding it I would be very busy and very broke!
I counted yesterday...there were seven different requests for money, most were polite but there was a common denominator .
They were groups that I have supported in the past!
This will mean that next time I am moved by a sad story or a devastating climatic disaster I will think again...
I understand why all these groups are asking for money right now...there's a lot to be done but it is surely far more off putting than anything else .
Please stop it with the begging letters!
It is a case of diminishing returns!

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