Sunday, 10 July 2016


What a summer! Both parties are having elections for their leaders.....
The fall out from the Brexit vote just gets weirder....
Who ever pushed David Cameron into having a summer referendum has a lot to answer for!
The chief offenders did it I suppose to get them  into sufficient limelight to become party leaders.... who then failed personally whilst leaving the country in a sort of swamp of doubt and anxiety about the future....
I have now seen a group trying to emerge from the shadows called the bre-turners!
Whatever the economic consequences of the vote to leave Europe the domestic consequences are so dire that I sometimes think I've woken up in a nightmare because none of it can actually be happening....
Two women fighting it out to become the next prime minister is not a pretty sight...especially as one of them clearly lacks the experience to help her not to make statements which can be taken the wrong way...I expect to hear voices off citing motherhood and apple pie any time now!
Someone with so little experience in government doesn't get my vote....I don't want an uncertain finger on the nuclea button!
The attempts of another woman to replace the man who has lost the support of his party appears much less dishonourable.
But come on ladies!
The referendum has happened. No one actually believed it would bring such appalling results but it has....we have all got to learn to live with it...
Another referendum can not be a serious proposal...we simply have to find ways of making our new situation in this country work without too much blood on the carpet.
I offer my prayers because I think we are going to need them!

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