Saturday, 9 July 2016

Feed back!

The demand for feedback is getting obtrusive.
"Please spare a few moments of your time to tell us how you feel about dot dot.
I got an email asking me to do that after a two minute conversation this week!
I now have two from cruise lines telling me my time is running out...for something I have already done.
At its best I suppose the request to rate something , even something trivial is the guarantee of politeness .
The very long forms to fill in about the cruises take about twenty minutes to complete, covering every aspect of cruising from food to entertainment...
I always do fill this one whilst still on board....but I still get one at home later...
Over the last six months I have been asked to give feedback every time I've bought something on line, including the ant traps and the bird bath!
I tend to ignore them unless there's something to complain about...
So that should tell somebody some thing!
I recognise that this trend is a good thing guarantees politeness if nothing else but if I fail to send in my views I don't want follow up requests . It could turn me into an archetypal complainer.. Disgusted of Tonbridge Wells!
Bah humbug!
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