Thursday, 7 July 2016

Going to war.

I do not want to talk about Tony Blair....he is the main reason why I no longer vote Labour. The damage that he did to the party I'd grown up with and worked for still sits with me every time I am called on to vote!
The damage that he did to Iraq is just appallingly awful!
One of my nephews was one of his friends at Oxford. They still met occasionally when he was Prime minister . When asked about the plan to go to war he replied on more than one occasion.
"You don't know what we know!"
The insistence on Iraq having weapons of mass destruction was the main plank of his argument for invasion. There were none.
We called a day of prayer in my local church in the lead up the invasion.
People who had never been in the church before turned up to light candles and sit quietly in their pews!
In a very small village it was amazing how many people turned up .
Tony Blair misjudged all sorts of things in this determination.
I have avoided watching him on the television....I could throw rocks at it!
The damage done to another country and its people was simply appalling...
I truly believe that the movement of the jihadists now brutally trying to fight back using the most appalling methods is the result of our bombing Iraq.
I am hearing Tony Blair now on the radio....still protesting that war was justified!
A period of quiet is called for...
But first Tony Blair really should be man enough to apologise and say the words that would really matter..."I was wrong."

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  1. TB has apologised, but hedged it with the comment - that he'd do the same again - what sort of apology is that?

    Unfortunately for him,the families of those killed or injured in Iraq and not content to allow him to live in comfort and are considering some form of legal action and it seems to me, that Chilcot chickened out of saying that there were grounds for criminal action against hum under UK law.

    I haven't read the evidence, but have read the executive summary, which took several hours - and there is surely a prima facia case for at least a charge of Misconduct in Public Office?

    Internationally, surely the War Crimes Tribunal should be investigating the evidence that he went to war on the basis of a lie - which was evident from some of the evidence, including brow beating the Attorney General Goldsmith into coming out with the so called legal basis for going to war.

    If he avoids prosecution in the UK Courts, he should be tried internatonaly, at least Chilcot thought that a case to answer there.

    If nothing else, he Jack Straw and The man who ran his office should be investigted with a view to prosecution, we're not dealing with allegations, but facts, proven on the basis of documentary evidence and key witness statements.

    And the MoD also has a case to answer of criminal neglect in not having provided the right equipment and protection for the forces deploying - so perhaps the CDS and Chief of the General Stuff and Defence Ministers have a case to answer as well - over 179 deaths and countless injuries and lives destroyed on our side, let alone the unforeseen consequences in Iraq and the whole middle east.