Friday, 1 July 2016

Leadership battles!

It's an astonishing position we now find ourselves in during the aftermath of the Brexit vote!
I find myself in sympathy with the Scots who don't want to leave the EU .
I even find myself wishing that we had someone as determined to fight for it as Nicola Sturgeon .
Instead we have the appalling position of leadership battles in both parties in the British Parliament.
I felt sorry for David Cameron and wish he had been able to stay...
I feel nearly as sorry for Jeremy Corbyn who having won a massive majority finds that no one is prepared to work for him....
I don't feel sorry for Boris...
Over the last years the rise of Gove has been spectacular. When he was in charge of education his edicts on the the various new initiatives he put in place were not just dictatorial they were often petty...
I find it hard to believe that there is a teacher anywhere in Britain who would vote for him....
The thought of a parliament with Gove and Corbyn facing each other over the dispatch box might be entertaining but it would not be good government.
I am drawn to the thought that two women could end up leading both parties...
This would I believe change Prime Ministers question time for ever. It's something to think about during the coming week!
What ever happens over the weekend it's time for a period of decent quiet..
A few days of reflection, a mental regrouping of all the people involved seems something to wish for....
But I fear the big egos will be on parade over the weekend....including those who have aspired to the top job in previous years.
The phrase. "Eh tu Brutus" spoken by Michael Hezeltine echoes in my head.
The forthcoming battle will be great  to witness but sad for the country!

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  1. It is a real mess.I'm afraid that I have no sympathy for any of the politicians. Mr Cameron brought this whole mess down on us, by kowtowing to his right wing back benchers, so his resignation was well overdue.

    Mr Corbyn is the unfortunate recipient of the #Momentum movement within his party, who are the successors to the Militant Tendency lot who were banned after the chaos they created in the country, particularly Liverpool in the eighties and nineties. He chose his supporters, or more likely they chose him. It was telling when after the vote of no confidence he went out of Parliament and addressed a crowd from the Socialist Workers Party, in the guise of being labour supporters - the infiltration of Labour by extreme left wing elements continues. This isn't the middle of the road socialist party that I voted for.

    As for the Tory leadershp race, I hope that an outsider wins it, as those running, apart from Andrea are discredited in my eyes, even Teresa May, who kept a low profile during the referendum campaign, has a poor record on human rights - her announcement that she was dropping her plans to withdraw from the ECHR is a ploy to make here more marketable to the Tory middle ground. She admitted that she was a reluctant remainer, two faces depending upon which way she sees the wind blowing.

    They all need to get their finger out and sort it - as we need leadership, not prevarication.