Sunday, 24 July 2016

Potent cheap music!

Last night I did something I only do occasionally and went channel hopping on the TV.
I don't take a paper or the Radio Times so I have an app on my iPad instead .
If I'm bored and can't find anything to grab my attention I occasionally browse...and that's what I  was doing last evening and found gold!
There was a program of music from the seventies. David Bowie, the Rolling Stones, Queen ....
This unlikely line up captured my attention totally.
It took me back to a time when my son introduced us all to music that started off being alien and became all too familiar.
My daughter also filled the house with flute music and occasionally there was a fight for who got to play what....but the bottom line was that music filled our lives most of the time .
Last night recaptured some early passions and brought back vivid memories.
My son as a punk with safety pins as ear rings, my daughter as a serious young musician battling against Rod Stewart and the Boomtown rats.
Last nights retrospective brought back so many memories...our holidays in Cornwall listening to Elton John discs in the car, the battles as to who got control of the remote...
I found that with the passing of time and the loss of my children I wept with many of the discs, but I also realised that with age had come not just acceptance but great pleasure...I loved Queen and all the rest of the young musicians, now old like me .
I never thought I would become sentimental about punk rock in my old age...but I kids would be roaring with laughter and now I could join in with them.

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  1. I will be preaching this Sunday on Luke 12:13-21 and will be using the Dave Clark Five hit 'Glad all Over' to illustrate some of the points. They were representative of the music that I listened too as a teenager in the sixties, along with the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Hollies, Small Faces and so many more. The seventies seemed tame by comparison. And who could forget Flowers in the Rain, San Fransciso and a Whiter Shade of Pale.... classics

  2. When Punk Rock was around, my children were just into their teens and wondered why, I, as a Sgt Major at the time, didn't have pink hair and rings through my nose - you can imagine the outcome ..... but it didn't stop me dressing as one for a Vicar's and Tart's ball - Ah,memories.