Monday, 18 July 2016

Scrap our big gun?

As a girl in Rochdale I was one of the first people to join a new movement called CND. I can only have been about sixteen!
Over the years I joined many walks to protest all sorts of things but specially nuclear war! But then it made sense not to proliferate dangerous weapons which if detonated would bring mass destruction and lasting damage from radio active fall out.
As I have grown older I have become less certain.
My husband convinced me of the value of the nuclear power stations to provide electricity. He had helped build one of them and I slowly became converted....everything nuclear was not necessarily bad!
Today I simply don't know.
I am being urged by the Green Party to send my MP an email asking for Trident to be scrapped and in the old days I wouldn't have hesitated but the world we now live in is dangerous, unpredictable and violent at times.
I see clearly that having a deterrent in the shape of Trident may well be a good thing though it's hard to imagine actually using it in anger...
As a founder member of CND I know where my vote should lie...but it was a different world it feels good to have our very own deterrent.
Once more my girlish ideals are challenged....
Like Jeremy Corbyn I find it hard to set aside the deep desire not to give house room to nuclear weapons of mass destruction. But the small voice inside me rejoices in the thought that it would deter the big boys from picking on us!
Once more on the horns of moral dilemma I do what I do best...I pray and do nothing!

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