Sunday, 14 August 2016

Preparing to travel....again.

The sun shines. It looks glorious out there...the fish are jumping, the cotton is high...
Today was the day before travelling to Southampton that Michael and I had planned to spend together.
We had started a new process, I would travel to Devon the day before we embarked and thus the long trek from here was taken over two days...
This worked wonderfully well last time but this time I have had to return to the long journey.
Michael booked this cruise but leaving Cornwall in August was always the plan David and I had evolved too in direct contrast to the six weeks I spent here with my children when we were all young.
Today I finish the packing...and tie up the usual loose ends...
Tomorrow I start another epic journey....on my own.
The young taxi driver is one I know well.
Before my liaison with Michael the routine was much the same . We would leave here in the early morning and have a huge breakfast halfway along.
I was always amazed by how much the young man could consume...
I am not looking forward to any of is all filled with memories that are both tender and precious.
Surfing the north coast whilst camping out belongs to a different person. I suppose we all change as we grow old but the young woman I was then seems to have gone, apart from the need to explore , to take advantage of glorious summers.
I am determined to keep the tears at bay....but the hankies are at the ready....

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  1. Wishing you all the best for your cruise, calm weather and pleasant travelling companions.

  2. I hope this trip passes and exceeds all your expectations Jean. Time to take things easy and enjoy the day to day new sights.
    Hopefully by the time you return most of the visitors will have left Cornwall and you can enjoy the peace.

  3. Praying for a journey of memories, but one of a bit of peace and recovery and overcoming - with plenty to take your mind of things.