Thursday, 8 September 2016

Financial angst!

Money matters are taking up far too much of my time since I got home! Finding a demand for several thousand pounds from the Inland revenue didn't help!
I have waited now for a week for Cunard to take their money from my account to pay for all my extra spending during the last cruise!
The medical bills, the bottle of Scotch in my room....they added up to a decent sum but I have yet to pay for them....
Cunard have my card details and use them, usually the day we disembark....
I am sorting out various items as I go along but need to keep my eye on the spending now I'm home.....
I hate owing feels like the times in my childhood when the man from the Pru or someone of similar ilk knocked on the door for payment and my mother would push me to the door saying " Tell him I'm out"
Becoming an adapt liar was not a part of my upbringing that I can look back on with any joy at all.
This is why my bills are paid on time....mostly thanks to Direct Debit! Even I can't forget then!
So I check.....the bank app on my iPad is very useful in this regard...
Passers by may hear whoops of joy when the money finally disappears from my account...
This rather unlikely statement makes me giggle now!
It is the exact reverse if having to lie about my mums whereabouts...
Please take the money Cunard.....then I can relax and start spending again!

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  1. HMRC are good at writing with bills, even one for £9.00. When I rang and offered to pay by cheque, they refused and said they'd apply it to my tax code on my pension. Not happy. Next year, they told me they'd made a mistake and sent me a cheque for the £9 that they messed up on.

    I would challenge the bill (if you think that it is wrong), you never know, it might be a mistake.