Thursday, 22 September 2016

Flu jabs!

Tomorrow I have to get to the next village before nine o'clock....there I will have two injections. One is a flu jab, the other to prevent shingles...
Because I have to leave home before half past eight there may be no time for blogging....
Apparently our medical team have decided better safe than sorry.....we have been asked to co operate so naturally we will....
There have been times in the past when a flu jab has made several of us unwell....naturally the doctors deny this but what we will feel like with two different injections bombing around our veins may be interesting....
Hundreds are apparently booked in for this mornings exercise. Finding a parking place could be the problem.
As the surgery is just yards from where I used to live I am hoping for the old parking place should be empty....with luck!
I spend a great deal of time avoiding anything medical most of the time but this I can do.
The last time I went into the waiting room there I knew every other person in it....lots of hugs ensued as we all caught up with our life stories....
Now I must get to sleep. But not until I've set the alarm. For weeks I've been waking up extremely early.....but it's not something I can rely on....
Goodnight all.
Waking early yet again I am up before the alarm...
Having now got Superfast I am confident that I can post this before I mostly takes seconds as opposed to minutes.....
The sky is pink...there is no wind or rain...
Good morning then!

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  1. Full marks to our local practice....hundreds of us were dealt with speedily...even the parking was easy! Plus just about everyone I know in my age group (ancient) were there!

  2. Snap! DH and I are booked in next Tuesday as this year the surgery isn't blocking off whole days for flu jabs, one just makes an appointment, they are 10 minutes apart.
    Nothing about shingles at our surgery, few years ago had pneumonia added to the cocktail, what I really need is an injection of energy. If I have been sitting a while say over a meal when I leave the table it is a real effort for my body to move, not sure whether this is a side effect of bronchiectasis or just old age.

    1. Old age is I think the answer.....what you describe started to happen to me a few years ago I try not maintain the same position for too long....a brief circle of the table seems to work...not sure what anyone watching might think though!

  3. Your post reminded me to ring my surgery to make an appointment. So tomorrow I get my flu jab. Had the shingles one last year which apparently doesn't need to be repeated.
    Since I was almost wiped out by shingles in 2002 and was really ill for 10 weeks, I would recommend everyone who is offered the jab to grab the chance.
    You are right about keeping moving Jean, despite creaking like an old wooden cart it is worth making the effort to keep the wheels turning.

  4. We've to book our Flu Jabs next week, when the practice nurse is back. Not heard about a Shingles Jab, but will ask, as prevention is better than cure.