Saturday, 24 September 2016


I was cold yesterday.....I piled on extra clothes but my mind was turning to is approaching.
Every year for the last four winters I have had problems with my heating.
It started with the year that my husband David was desperately ill. It was essential that I was able to keep him warm.
This involved several electric heaters in every room...because the oil fired central heating failed....miserably....
Each year since that one has been marked by the failure of the radiators to give any warmth at all!
So yesterday my mind inevitably turned to the heating.....was it going to work this year? Did I need to get in touch with the plumber I now know very well?
So eventually I went and turned it on...
And it worked!
Every radiator in the house, including the one in the hall which has not been on for four years came on last night!
I have a warm house!
Waking early I've done an early morning tour of the house.....and even the towel rails are on!
This is a massive relief. I hate being cold.
I am now off to a far flung village for an early Eucharist with the knowledge that I will come home to a warm house.

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