Sunday, 18 September 2016

Poldark close by?

The main topic of conversation after church yesterday morning was the news that a camera crew were filming up the road!
It was it seemed an episode of Poldark!
Some were sceptical....if they were filming now then clearly the present series hadn't been finished!
When I watched the latest episode last night I realised it was indeed Autumn . They were hay making which is what is going on right now here!
Watching Poldark has been fascinating....gallops along cliffs , walks along beaches on very familiar territory .
Tin mines are usually found on the north coast but the sort of landscape we are seeing can be found very close at hand here on the south coast!
The last time the story of Poldark took up screen time I lived in the sight of the Cornish scenery then reminded me of long summer holidays, swimming and walking in glory!
Now it's very weird to see my familiar walks on the screen.
Everyone in church were united in hoping to see more of Aidan Turner , the chap who plays the eponymous hero! . We were all hoping we might find him in the pub, or one of the good hotels nearby....
Not me of course.....ahem!
We are fairly used to film crews arriving...this is at least the third time this year...but Poldark is fictional. The others have had different themes altogether...and they don't include the darkly handsome main character...
Another man yesterday in church yesterday was writing a book about St Just and recommended another one for me to read...
This I will enjoy when it arrives.
Autumn is always lovely here...and it's getting slightly easier to get around.
Thank you God!

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  1. Good morning Jean,

    Just read your blog & HAVE to put you right on farming matters! Hay making finished a couple of mths ago it's corn harvest now & Poldark showed Crying the Neck (I 'ave un, I 'ave un etc) which was traditionally done on the farm when the last of the corn was harvested. There would follow a feast for all the labourers & sometimes a church thanksgiving. St.Just WI revived the custom some years ago & we held it here on Messack. (Not anymore I'm afraid)
    Re. filming - they were encamped here at Messack & I saw Ross but am afraid I'm past the age of being star struck. Am enjoying the series a lot.

    Elsie. x

    Sent from Messack.

    1. Thank you Elsie.....that was so interesting it deserved posting!
      I am only dimly aware of farming seasons as you know!
      We were told yesterday they were filming at Turnaware which is not far from Messack!

  2. Did she say past the age of being star-struck?????
    Surely there is no such age!
    I quite fancy seeing Ross Poldark on my daily gad abouts.
    Here, we have Midsommer Murders and Lewis and also though it is now finished, Judge John Deed.
    Ah me:-) and I'm 81.

    1. Judge John Deed gets my vote Ray....and I'm only a couple of years behind you!