Tuesday, 20 September 2016


It's on! I do now have Superfast broadband! Amazing!
I have been told several times by BT that I was too remote and that I'd never have it....but a man close by took on the problem...he found that due to a computer error ( the irony, oh the irony) I had been written off!
He tackled Openreach personally and found that Geographically it was possible.
When my new hub arrived on Monday he spent a good part of the day setting it up and last night BT connected me and even sent me an email to make sure I knew!
Wow! It's wonderful! Everything is fast in a way I'm simply not used to...I have over the years got used to allowing minutes to do things that are now almost instant.
The prayers to St Gabriel clearly worked...
The man who helped me has no organised religion but simply says when I thank him that that's what living in a community means...we help each other out!
This works for me...
I might even get this posted in seconds as opposed to minutes .....
So thank you community, thank you very kind man and thank you God...

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