Saturday, 10 September 2016

Too busy to weep!

I went out to supper with a very old friend last night. We went to a place we used to go to many years ago with our spouses! About forty years of being friends were celebrated then and for the first time since Michael,died I spent a whole evening without him!
He was waiting for me when I came home but I found I was thinking of him without tears for almost the first time...
My friend has a second home here and appears fairly regularly and we chose our venue last night with's a place where we ate regularly many many years ago.
I had booked a table at the beginning of the week and it was just as well...the place was heaving! Many were turned away. The food was excellent .
Golden oldies abounded!
The Roseland is once again full! No wonder my broadband is slow!
A very kind friend yesterday talked to BT on my behalf after I had once again complained about it being very slow...
It appears that I may after all be able to have superfast!
This would be very good news after weeks of snail mail!
Today I am judging the children's art work at a local show.
Tomorrow I am at an inland village for communion.
Life is becoming busy again now but I am far......

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