Friday, 7 October 2016

Building walls?

The world we are presently living in clearly has its problems....huge numbers of people , displaced by war are on the march.
Every day brings news of bombing in Syria...and boats are still setting out crammed with desperate people anxious to find a safe place to live.
We in Britain are an island....we have natural barriers all around us in the shape of mostly benign seas...
When people start to talk of erecting walls to keep out unwanted migrants we must be in trouble. Trump wants to build a wall to keep out Mexicans.
The ancient Romans built a wall here two thousand years ago to keep out the Scots...Hadrian's wall still exists but clearly failed in its purpose!
Today I see that Norway is busy erecting a huge metal fence along its border shared with Russia.
The pictures show that they clearly mean business....
They are also very definite about not joining the European Union...I found my Euros rejected politely but with a small sneer on my last trip there!
The entire planet, even the stable parts of it seem to be hunkering down to keep themselves safe.
I have no answers for what should happen.....I have no clear idea of how it's all going to turn out but we are living in a period of epic change and all we can do as individuals is be aware of it and help where and when we can...
I send money to Shelterbox....I pray... I sent warm clothes and stout shoes to the camp in Calais. it's not much as an individual but as an old woman it's the best I can do....
I am now more spectator than participant. But I do care! I hope we all do!

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