Friday, 14 October 2016

Cutting the hedge back!

I have a very large garden...I couldn't look after it on my own....I have to have a gardener.
My lovely Cornish man does an enormous amount of work every week...
We have come to agreements on the Cornish hedges. I have saved them from his attentions to allow the glorious profusion of flowers to flourish.
We have agreed that wild flowers are not always weeds...
Over the years we have reached an accommodation which involves me taking him a cup of tea with a sticky bun and his money to sit together in the summer house whilst he tells me the village news....
It's all very good tempered and this morning I may have to put a small bomb in the works as I explain to him that what he did last week was not what I wanted him to do...and did not cure the problem...
Oh dear !
I want him to cut the top of the hedge which is growing so fast that my view over Falmouth is in danger of being lost behind fast growing green fir!
He made a lovely job of the surface area but the top remains intact!
I need him to tackle it again...
This week it might not take a sticky bun....several chocolate biscuits seem called for!
His car is just pulling in....over the top I go!

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  1. We cut our very tall hedge back last weekend with the help of our neighbour. They grow so fast that they're in danger of being over 18 fts tall. So, a severe cut back has worked wonders.

    Several other large bushes have been cuts to ground level as they were threatening to push over the neighbours fence - they will grow again, but we will keep them under control.

    Gardens can be a pleasure, but also hard work. As I get older, climbing ladders to get at the top of a hedge becomes increasingly hazardous - risk assessments are that older men become dizzy quicker at height - so I now do the body of the hedge and leave the higher stuff to younger people.