Monday, 17 October 2016


I am delighted that Bob Dylan got this incredible award! A Nobel peace prize! Wow!
On the day it was announced I looked skywards and addressed my son....
"Did you hear that Ady? I told you he was good! "
In the sixties I had babies and went back to teaching in the seventies.
I was on a small staff of mostly young people.
We all got on very well....there were lots of parties and on the staff were young people with guitars..
The number of times we sat around singing were legion.
At the end of any party, either those in school or at each other's homes we always ended by singing together.
And Bob Dylan was our favourite.
We sang them all...
It was during the time when immigrants were arriving in Rochdale by the thousands .
We cared about our pupils...but we also found the time to party!
We agreed that this man had written the words we loved..and we sang them!
Small indications made it evident that some racial prejudice was creeping in. We were all totally dedicated to fighting it.
The Bob Dylan songs were the vocal expressions of this. So yesterday I realised that all my old records no longer exist...and even if they did there is nothing to play them off I went to iTunes....
Downloading "The best of Bob Dylan took seconds to download and onto the iPad.....
The times really have changed!

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