Thursday, 6 October 2016


I am like lots more people anxious about fracking. The relentless determination to harness the gas just a few feet down is disturbing....and I am even more concerned that it's going to start in Lancashire!
The county council refused permission last year so why does this government think it's alright to override that decision?
Have we stopped being a democracy?
Lancastrians have already been subjected to this intrusion below their homes , small earth tremors were felt a place which never had them before...
Shale gas is not the same as North Sea's under people's homes...which are supposed to be our, our retreat in times of need!
Friends in America moved house to get away from fracking....the noise, the sound, the dust....not everyone could afford to do that!
Pound signs are flashing here I am afraid....the company doing the fracking have promised wonderful financial returns for all this "free" gas! A lot of people are all set to make huge profits...but the people who live there are anxious...some are frightened...they would have great problems in trying to sell up if that was the only way through it all...
The brave new world promised yesterday by Theresa May obviously does not include Lancashire...
I hope she and the rest of those in power think again on this one....
Renewable energy is available and most people would prefer windmills and solar tiles to surface mining close to their homes!

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  1. Fracking in Lancashire puts the phrase 'Northern Power House' in a whole new light.

    But they'e surveying in Kent and Sussex and the protests in Sussex a year or so ago, got Caroline Lucas the Green MP arrested. But the government gave the go ahead for that to proceed - for oil, not gas though.

    From what I hear, the area's that are good for fracking are those close to the former coal fields, as the strata is broken down more quickly. But the methods of pumping in huge amounts of water and chemicals to fracture the rock plates to release the gas- has huge environmental issues - but the politicians, who know best, seem blind to the damage to creation that will result. Not happy for Lancashire, but also for our home County of Kent, where we're likely to experience mini earth tremors like the one that struck in Thanet 3 years ago.