Saturday, 1 October 2016

Phishing ..again.

There must be people somewhere who spend all their time trying to scam other people.
Since my last post on this subject the emails are arriving at least once every evening.
The theme is the Apple account has been compromised, unless I click on the link to put in all my details they would be forced to close it.
So last night I got an email proclaiming in very large print that I had been suspended!
Readers of this blog may remember that a couple of weeks ago I almost fell for one of these but stopped when I was asked for my banking details.
The phone call directly to Apple reassured me that all was well.
But the scammers are getting the bottom of the emails is a link to click if you are check that it really is from Apple.
The one thing they are not getting cleverer at is their English....there are almost always tiny mistakes in grammar, punctuation etc...not hard for an old English teacher to spot!
Now I send them all off directly to Apple to their phishing department.
But they keep on arriving at least once every day.
I assume that everyone else is being targeted. It can't just be me...but I would be interested in hearing about other people's experience in this field...
Somewhere in the world are gremlins just waiting to pounce...may they fail . My grandma would have said they needed to get a proper job...but I expect they think this is one!
I would love to know if they do succeed occasionally...but I'd rather hear that they are getting discouraged and have found other ways of making money!
It's a strange world we live in, sharply divided by those who have security and those desperate to scare us into parting with it...
To police this world is impossible I we all have to stay alert.
May they all be confounded!

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  1. I keep getting a message apparently from Google saying that someone has my password and that they have successfully thwarted the attempt to access my computer.
    I have no idea whether this also is a scam, but I am treating it as such and deleting it whenever it appears.
    Someone clearly has too much spare time.

    1. I think you are right Ray...... Just keep your eyes open....we could get very paranoid.....but they are all out to get us!