Monday, 10 October 2016

Political problems!

I fully intended to stay up last night to watch the Trump. Clifton debate. I put on my warm dressing gown and poured a small scotch.... I was ready!
And then I fell asleep!
Waking this morning I listened to all the reports !
Trump came out fighting clearly but once again I am struck by just how awful the choice facing the USA is! The radio by the bed has never worked so hard!
We then moved to question what we do next about the Brexit vote!
Small splinter groups are forming ....
Some very unlikely alliances are both Conservative and Labour camps!
If the leader of the Labour Party thought he was home safe after the massive vote in of confidence he must now be thinking again...
Some very able Labour MPs are getting together in small groups after he sacked the very popular chief whip!
I would like to think there must be something in the air...but the feeling of apprehension grows daily...
Where we will all end up is still a mystery. But I'd rather not feel,as though I'm living through some sort of political global upheaval.
It all makes compulsive viewing and listening...but I'm not sure it's good for democracy.

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