Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Being conned!

Regular readers of this blog may remember that a couple of weeks ago I was visited by a man who spent some time in my loft , pronounced it leaky and organised a roofer to work for three days to get it repaired before the really bad weather started.....
Friends here listened to my tale of woe and asked another surveyor to come and look!
I had already cancelled the three days program on their advice.
The new man arrived yesterday. He was very thorough and spent a lot of time in my loft, tapping walls etc and came up with some interesting facts....
One end of the house was built of stone and rock. The other end was built in a clay mix frequently used in Cornwall in the last century!
He explained various puzzling features, not least why the internal measurements of the house were different from the external....
He spent an hour here and his final statement was illuminating.
"There is nothing wrong with your roof. In fact it's in very good nick! "
He left with my heartfelt thanks...
Today I reflect on my stupidity.
The surveyor who spent a morning with me had talked me into a three day job costing a couple of thousand pounds...
So beware all women on their own....phone calls from firms who just happen to be working in your area and have experts who can advice you are those to watch out for!
I am getting very cynical in my old age...any phone call now from a number I don't know is either not answered or the caller gets very short shrift!
Sad really for someone whose natural instinct is to like and trust people...
So beware all elderly ladies living alone......they are all out to get us!

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