Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Interesting times!

I am stunned! Words I last used after the Brexit vote! Clearly we are in a period of profound change....
The entire world is undergoing radical global change....
I always had my doubts about Hilary, she was not a good choice clearly.
Last night I determined to stay up to watch the drama unfolding but finally I went to bed around three am.
When I fell asleep I was sure of the result...I couldn't believe anyone could vote for a man  with no previous experience of politics...
So we really are in a whole new world!
His apparent friendship with Putin is interesting. In one of the broadcasts he said,
"Putin said he liked me! Who knows what might happen? "
If he really is on good terms with him maybe he could persuade his friend to stop dropping bombs on Syria?
How this will all play out is going to be fascinating but the feeling that the world we grew up in is changing and we have no idea how it will play out is the main concern for us all today!
Once again I say and mean it.....I am glad to be an old woman...the brave new world now emerging is not a world I can relate easily to...
I will though be listening all day today....
We are doomed to live in interesting times!

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