Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Neighbours on Facebook!

Yesterday was weird in lots of different ways....the number of people who rang or just turned up was very impressive.....I had to cancel a visit to a friend in the next village so that I could do justice to what was happening here....
I am dry again....thank you God.
During the morning I got a message on Facebook which puzzled me....
It was from a smiling photograph I didn't recognise but he announced himself as my new next door neighbour!
Having seen my brief statement about the flood in the kitchen he was naturally anxious about his house just across the courtyard from me...on a much lower level.
I went over to look....his house was in prefect dry condition....He was very relieved, having not yet moved in..
So the flood was not a total catastrophe....
He sent me a very nice message of thanks.
Getting on well with neighbours is important in such a small community...
The house, recently sold was owned by someone from Germany and was a holiday let, being empty most of the winter.
There is real joy now....instead of an empty house right through most of the year there is the prospect of good, friendly neighbours...
So the flood was not a catastrophe. Once I get the small problem fixed it should be a one off....
But I am grateful to Facebook....although it has many aspects I don't like...every so often it comes up trumps....and yesterday was one of those!

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  1. There was a lot of water about for the last few days. Fortunately, we are up on top of a hill, so the water tends to go down the hill and the dip at the bottom can fill a bit, driving down the road can be exciting.

    But we had minor flooding in lower lying areas, one area, Crayford has a river running through it, which is prone to over flow. But nothing like a huge water main burst a couple of months ago, which flooded the whole village and blocked the main road to Dartford for a couple of weeks until they sorted it out.

  2. Pleased to hear you are dry again and that the flood gave the opportunity to meet you new neighbours. Unexpected inconveniences are sometimes accompanied by new joys.