Sunday, 6 November 2016

Pale pink walls!

Yesterday was a very busy day....visitors arrived, problems were discussed and plans for the future formulated.
The main step forward was to arrange some decorating in the house....
The man who did such a good job painting the outside of the house arrived and two rooms are going to be painted!
His reaction to my choice of colours was predictable but he took it quite well.
The entire house was painted cream before we moved in....
I really don't like blanket cream walls but in a house filled with pictures the thought of lifting them off has deterred me from embarking on any changes....
The decorator says he will move everything and put it back...
A date has been fixed! It will all be done before Christmas.
The two rooms are the ones that I suspected were damp!
Now I know they are not I've gone for a pale blue sitting room and a pale pink bedroom......
Turning graves are coming to mind....but it's time to get rid of the uniform cream .
I think I'll be forgiven!

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