Thursday, 17 November 2016

Problems solved?

I am going out to lunch today with an old friend...she lives in the next village and we don't meet often these days, apart from on social media...
When I first arrived in Cornwall she was my main internet advisor....she was already very well practiced in this arcane art.
I can't remember now how often she arrived on my doorstep to help me through a knotty problem with instructions on what to do and how to do it...
Her common sense got me through years of confusion!
Today we will sort out the problems of the world whilst eating and looking out to sea with a glass of wine to hand.....
I have a new mystery for her to sort out!
Over the last month my blogs statistics have been very much beyond anything that I have achieved over the last years....
If the Google statistics are to be believed the number of people reading it are legion!
Some posts have apparently been read by thousands!
I don't actually believe this.....I think its more likely a mix up with the way statistics are collected...
My of the most sensible people I know will probably find out the truth of it...but even if it remains a mystery it's still good to see an old friend and learn all the village gossip!
We have nothing in common when we get to politics.....she refutes global warming with vigour and her common sense approach to everything is a refreshing antidote to my usual meanderings.
Closeted on my own most days at Tregear Vean...I need to get out more clearly...
Today is the start!

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  1. After posting that I got a message from Google telling me about cookies to be added and changes to other small can't be in response to what I've written so a mystery remains...

  2. Hello Jean, I can confirm that you definitely have one regular reader. It suggests I come from Basildon in Essex but actually I am a few miles up the road in Wickford. You would have to pay me loads to live in Basildon!!! Like your posts immensely.

    1. Gosh Bob thank you! That's really kind.....
      What I remember most about Basildon is that lovely little theatre. I hope it's still going strong!

    2. The theatre is still there. Having closed for a couple of years it reopened and is thriving glad to say.

  3. That is really good news...thank you!

  4. Your have another Regular Reader in Kent, but your ticker reports me as London (I think). Not particularly accurate, but as I use mobile broadband, it might be picking up where the distribution server is located, rather than the physical location.

    And someone said that you can prove anything by statistics - and perhaps they're right.

  5. Hi Jean your feedjit has recently started saying I am from London too and I am up north near Manchester. Still enjoy reading your blog. Wendy x

    1. Wendy it tells me I'm from London may be that it simply doesn't recognise less known place names!