Sunday, 25 December 2016

Christmas again!

So many mixed emotions assail me at this time....So many memories flood in. The children's Christmas, always hectic always touching.
Davids last Christmas as he manfully tackled the three bird roast!
The tearful Christmases of loss.
The hardworking days when I fell into a stupor on Boxing Day, exhausted after several services non stop!
Memories so precious, so wonderful.
I wistfully remember last year my falling in love. .......
I am not going to weep for my lost loved ones.
They are safe up there .
I am not going to weep for myself...I will join them in time.
But the memories flood in....without any prompting...all good, all precious. But it's just as well that once again I am away from home...making new friends, consoling old friends...bridging gaps .
I am not feeling sorry for myself or anyone else...but there are things to share as well as those to hide.
Christmas never feels quite real on board a large ocean going liner. But real enough!

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