Thursday, 29 December 2016


I am enjoying this cruise more than the last one though that is saying very little given that I hated the last one!
Unfortunately I am starting with some very familiar symptoms...a sore throat started me off last time...ahem!
My attempts at buying medicinal booze have met with some baffling facts.
There is a duty free shop on board. However when I attempted to buy a bottle of scotch today I was told that I could indeed buy one but it would be kept for me until the last day when I could collect it and take it home with me!
Obviously then I have to buy what I want from all the various bars.
Last time on board the ship when all I wanted was a cheese sandwich and a scotch I ordered a bottle from room service but I had to buy the whole thing. The difference is that the room service one was not duty free.
Tomorrow we arrive in La Palma...I have no recollection of being there before...but it will be good to be somewhere warm again!
I really hope I'm not getting struck down will put me off cruising if I get stuck with the same bug twice running!
This is why during the trip on shore to La Palma I went shopping!
I don't need much encouragement to shop but I did have a purpose...
There was a whole collection of medicine..of the scotch variety..
I brought home a litre of Famous Grouse, Michaels favourite in a plastic bottle! What ever next!
Next morning.
After a bad night I am going to need the medicine. The now familiar sore throat has claimed me yet again!
I should be going out to Tenerife but I'm not...I'm staying in to try to head off the worst! Bah! Humbug!

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