Monday, 12 December 2016

Just time to pack!

It is luxury this morning. I am still in bed .
Last Monday morning I was up and moving, preparing for a week of being decorated. I had things to move...and I had to be showered and dressed by eight am.
I was dreading it!
In the event it was a remarkably easy week. The man was not demanding . He did all the hard things like taking down the pictures and curtains..
All I had to do was keep the drinks coming!
This week I can luxuriate, secure in the knowledge that there is only me here!
There are lots of jobs to be done. I can't stay in bed...but now the only urgent thing is starting the Christmas packing.
I still have cards to write and parcels to wrap. Christmas has still to be tackled but the main concern between now and the big day is getting my posh frocks into the suitcase!
I am away again for Christmas.
This cruise was one I booked with my friend Michael before he died.
I am doing it.
There are people going that I've met before so I won't be completely alone but I find it impossible to contemplate staying here on my own.
I've lost too many of my loved ones..too many memories lurk around every colleagues understand...
So it's back into packing mode...
Now I have the house sorted it feels like luxury to have just this one thing left to do....
The suitcase is out! My summer clothes have yet to be sorted...but this feels wonderful compared to last week!
By this time last Monday I'd made the first brew of the day! Getting my case packed is this weeks priority.
I can do this!

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