Wednesday, 7 December 2016

A legacy in pictures.

The grim reaper is about this morning. Over the last weekend several sad deaths have been brought to my attention. I have noticed before that death seems to come in clumps hereabouts.
Particularly in the next village where I used to live.
One year we had nineteen die inside a week....which in a small community affected every one.
So far I have news of three people who have gone aloft recently but more are expected!
It's just one more reminder that none of us is immortal....nor would we want to be I think.... the last lady who died yesterday was a well known village character....she will be much missed by everyone...including me.
But she has left her legacy in the shape of very many evocative photographs of this glorious part of the world...all shared regularly on Facebook.
I hope that my memorial might be this blog....tracing my hopes and fears day by day as sadness is replaced by laughter, anxiety by certainty and all points in between...
Mary will be missed.

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