Saturday, 10 December 2016

On line games!

I spend far too much time these days playing daft games on my dispute there, it is I'm afraid true.
There are the soppy little games like Candy crush saga and other time wasters...
But the ones I really like are those that I play with friends, real human beings who play scrabble, and various card games like cribbage. These take some skill...but they have one drawback. You have obviously got to be on line!
At home that's seldom a problem but when I'm away it is. Paying by the minute for time spent playing can mount up drastically so I don't do it.
I have recently discovered two new apps.
Both are gambling games which is why I've never played them before .
But now I discover that you can play for dollars and although it feels like gambling it isn't unless you are a really bad player!
The backgammon game to be found on Facebook was one I left well alone for years after finding a request for several hundred dollars...
Recently though I've realised that I need never part with actual cash even though it occasionally it looks as though I might.
Another game based on gin rummy is definitely a gambling I work hard to build up enough pretend dollars to play occasionally...
I have never parted with cash...and I never will but it does have the feel of gambling and I can now understand how people get hooked on it.
Cribbage is another game I enjoy....and the site covers the world...I play frequently with people from Australia and Canada, so imagine my shock the other day after this conversation.
"Where are you?"
"Me too, whereabouts?"
"Me too"
The man only lives about fifteen miles from here...we have become friends though have never's just too weird.,
I am grateful for my online games in my old age..... living alone in a fairly remote location. It means there is always someone to play with!

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