Friday, 16 December 2016

Railway angst!

Travelling on the railway was an important part of living near London. When my husband was promoted from a branch of the bank in Chester to a job in the NatWest tower the only way of getting to work was by train.
During the first weeks there was a strike in progress. The only way was to catch a coach .
This left very early in the morning....he left the house around six am and returned about eight pm. It was an exhausting routine. Occasionally they would sleep on their desks .
When trains went back to normal it was an occasion for massive rejoicing .
Over the twenty odd years that we lived in Essex the trains played a huge part in our lives so I have great sympathy for those people trying to get to work on the southern rail network.
During the period when I travelled in and out of London regularly the train was the only option. It was an eye opener to be arriving into Liverpool St when the city was emptying . I was in real danger of being mown down by thousands of commuters intent on getting home.
"You have to be born to it." My husbands verdict on the problem...we hadn't been.
What is happening now is something he had foreseen during the period of privatisation in the nineties.
"It will never work" he came from a railway family, having had a father who had been a station master in various prestigious stations.
The present situation would have horrified him.
It's hard to imagine the present government contemplating any sort of nationalisation but they do have to do something...employing guards on trains secures the safety of seems a small concession under the circumstances.

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